January 13, 2012

Wardrobe Essentials of an F Girl

As much as we want to, and as hard as we wish, our budget cannot afford all the nice outfits, accessories and thingmajigs from all our favorite shops.  As a F girl, we want.....we need to.... be fabulous, yet we know we cannot abscond our lifetime savings to get that "IT" bag, because we are responsible women, mothers and daughters.  We know our priorities, right?  So, how do we remain Stylish yet remain sticking to our budget? What are the wardrobe essentials we can invest on, that we can use on and on...like a work horse?
Things that do not go out of style. Invest in these.  Do not hesitate to buy the pricey ones, afterall,  this will be the most used items in our wardrobe, it will be worth it.

1.  The Little Black Dress - need i say more?  elegance at it's simplest. 
2.  The White Polo Shirt - preferable slim fit, one that you can tucked-in
3.  The Sexy Blue Jeans that shapes your behind -- in bootleg, to make our legs look longer, and Hipster, so it doesn't look like Mommy's Jeans.
4.  The Skinny Black Jeans - in very black, black color
5.  A Beige Trench Coat - for those in cold places
6.  Long Slim Black Skirt reaching the ankles - for tall ladies, the electric pleats style are nice.
7.  Black Pencil Skirt
8.  Black leggings
9.  Plain black t-shirt
10. Plain White t-shirt
11. Sexy Black Short Shorts
12.  Classic black Winter Jacket / Trench 

Now, having all those above... let's treat it as the canvass, that we will playfully, drape, color, magnify using these accessories.

1.  A Classic Investment Bag (something we have splurged on.  Go for the big names. LV, Prada,Channel, Hermes..save up for it).  Every girl deserves a classic designer bag, once in her lifetime! Go for it!)

2.  Cheap Trendy Bags in the latest color (2012's color is Tangerine Tango)

3.  Scarves in nice, unique patterns

4.  Statement Cocktail Rings

5. Necklaces with Oomph

6. Belts - wide, thin, colored

7. Shoes - boots, flats, stilletoes, kitty .... play with it!

8. Sunglasses - bumblebee, aviators...

Except the classic designer bags, much of the accessories mentioned, can be bought cheaply.  It's not the cost but the style! I get my finds in the tianngges, bazaars and when I get a chance to travel, I scout in the unique shops.

Chances are, you will be the only person having it....... rather than say, buying from Forever 21 or H&M ..... where everyone has been there and know the prices of what you're wearing :))  Trust me, if you know.... they would know too!

Stay Stylish everyone!



1 comment:

  1. love those tips! agree with you, ripemango...better to shop at unique stores, we can always catch for unique stuffs.

    classic investment bag: yeah OK, i went for a Red Prada! i'm sure i'm gonna stay home more this year to cut the budget hahaha.



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