January 6, 2012

The 4-Letter Magic Word: SALE

We have to admit, shopping is fun. It doesn't matter if we buy or just look. Shopping is sometimes a stress releaser. And what more if it's SALE season!
But, before anything else, BE INFORM. First, know when the sales start. Logically, the earlier you are, the more options you have. As you enter the store, scan the room. Start at one end of the racks and gradually weave your way through them. At large sales (department stores or warehouses), taking the time to examine each individual piece of clothing would irk even the most patient shopper. You do not need to touch everything. If you like something, or think you may like something, GRAB IT!
You may not see it again.

Sale items are generally from previous seasons, make sure to purchase items that reflect the current trends but do not exclusively follow them. Just because a store has significant amount of apparel on sale, does not mean you have to purchase a new wardrobe. Try to find a few pieces you like. If you don't, you didn't fail. Maybe there was just a bad selection.

Lastly, consider your budget. Make sure you are ready for the shopping. You don't need to purchase anything on 80%, just to save. You might end up buying unneccessary things. Shopping is something that should not have control over us.

With patience (and practice as well),  and a little luck, anyone can be a master shopper during sale. However, we have to admit, LUCK plays a major role. But when you find something you love and it happens to be on sale, it just might be magical.



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  1. Italian winter sale starts from January 5 to march 6, 2012. Wanna come? =)



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