December 18, 2011

F Girls

             "Essence of an F girl.... Fearless..Fun.. Fabulous... Fashionable and
Fulfilled Females who live Life to the Fullest!"

Let's celebrate being GIRLS.

October 22, 2011 - a 30something lady, stay-at-home mother of 3, facebook afficionado. grouped together "virtually" her girl friends  in facebook into F Girls, a community of women, single, married, widowed, in a relationship -- girls --- whom she knows has the embodiment of being Fearless in their quest to achieve their dreams,  Fun enough not to take themselves so seriously, loves Fashion but are not slaves to it, and Fulfilled with their own achievements to be willing to share to fellow women their experiences.

Only Girlfriends Understands.
As w begin to share our thoughts, experiences, anecdotes and tips about everything under the sun:   Thoughts, Dreams,  What-could-have-Beens, Health, Style, Celebrities.  We realize that there  is so much to learn from one another ....   We have a resource where we can draw strength from -- our Girlfriends.

Let's Keep this Going.

This blog is a bigger venue for us to share, colorfully,artistically our Finds... that we think our girlfriends will also find interesting.   A venue for the Writer, Artist, Composer, Stylist in each of us.......  NO Judgements, NO Critics... Just plain APPRECIATION.

Post your pics, your thoughts, your links, your style.

Real identity not Required!  F girls maintain Mystery.

Your Fellow F Girls,
Ripemango and Butterfly

1 comment:

  1. Ripemango, thanks for that welcoming first post. i know you could have written it better. my brain is freezing around 1am. hahaha. so that's the ring you're talking about. Glam!



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