January 28, 2012

The Killer Heels

Ok girls. Being fabulous doesn't necessarily require wearing killer heels. Yet, of course, most of us loves wearing awesome high heeled shoes. It is an evergreen style statement indeed. Let us know the pros and cons.


Looking Tall

Wearing heels help us increase the height by 3-5 inches to the maximum. This is helpful for, of course for "smaller" women. Women also feels smarter, more attractive and in a proper shape by wearing heels.

Be in Style

Obviously, high heels give a stylish look to the overall physical appearance of women. Nothing can look sexier with a mini fitting skirt than high heeled boots! It also adds style to the way you walk. It's a darn good thing to be looked/glanced a few times.

Good Body Posture

Heels help bring out an attractive posture. It also adds to the confidence of the women while carrying her self. For the first timers or those who aren't use to wearing heels, practice at home, to help you avoid possible awkwardness or embarassment when you actually go out.

Good Looking Legs

Heels make legs look longer and shapelier. Those who like to wear short skirts can make their legs look more gorgeous with the help of stunning heels.

Complementary to Clothes

More often, heels compliment the attractiveness of the clothes. Conical heels go well with the corporate attire. Pencil heels make the minis look more striking. Wearing platform heels with trousers or wide bottom jeans will give a cool look.


Heels and pain are sides of the same coin. Though women look lovely in heels, they have to suffer form many of its side-effects. Here is the list of bad effects of wearing heels.

Foot & Back Pain

No pain, no gain. Most of the women suffer foot pain after walking with high heels. High heels make the entire pressure of body concentrated on the feet. It also can lead even hip and back pain. However proper way of walking may help get rid of such back pain.

Difficulty in Walking

Walking long distance with high heels proves to be painful. Many women find it so difficult to walk with heels. Difficulty in walking may also increase chances of losing balance and falling while walking.

Yellowing and misshapenness

Concentrated body weight on the foot heels may make them harder and develop yellow patches on it. It may also cause misshapenness of your feet. To avoid this you can massage your feet regularly with oil or cream and proper foot care.

Leg Sprain

Major cases of leg sprain in women are caused due to high heels. It may be caused if the person is not used to wearing high heels. Try walking slowly and with extra care while wearing high heels. Try to avoid high heels if you are not using your own vehicle.

If women could decide collectively what shoes to wear, all might agree to forgot high heels. But because any individual can gain more advantage by wearing them, such an agreement might be hard to maintain.
Models are not exempted from falling. The heck, whenever you fall from wearing high heels, stand on your feet with pride. and say ...
"Can you do that?" =)

See Models falling :D

* Butterfly

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